Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Access critical, disaster-related behavioral health resources right from your phone with GO2AID

In a disaster, it's essential that behavioral health responders have the resources they need—when and where they need them. SAMHSA's GO2AID mobile app makes it easy to provide quality support to survivors. Users will be able to navigate pre-deployment preparation, on-the-ground assistance, post-deployment resources, and more—at the touch of a button from the home screen. Users also will be able to share resources, like tips for helping survivors cope, and find local behavioral health services. And, self-care support for responders is available at all stages of deployment.

GO2AID will help disaster responders focus on what really matters—the PEOPLE in need.

  • Be ready—access resources for any type of traumatic event, including tip sheets; guides for responders, teachers, parents, and caregivers; and a directory of behavioral health service providers in the impacted area.
  • Be prepared—rely on and access pre-downloaded resources on your phone in case of limited Internet connectivity in the field.
  • Be confident—review key preparedness materials so you're confident you're providing the best support possible.
  • Share resources easily—send information to colleagues and survivors via text message, email, or transfer to a computer for printing.

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