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Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-005
Las tarjetas de alerta de suicidio en adultos son volantes de "5x7", diseñados para educar acerca de las señales de alerta en adultos y la 988.
Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-007
Las tarjetas de alerta de suicidio en jóvenes son volantes de 5"x7", diseñados para educar acerca de las señales de alerta en jóvenes y la 988.
Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-010
El letrero de jardín mide 18” x 24”. Tiene como objetivo promocionar el 988 en las comunidades.
Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-006
El plan de seguridad es una libreta de apuntes de 5"x7", similar a un talonario de recetas con 50 hojas desprendibles. Lo pueden utilizar los consejeros, terapeutas, clínicos y otros profesionales que trabajan con personas que necesitan planes de seguridad. Modificado por Stanley y Brown.
Publication ID: PEP22-06-04-003

This advisory introduces readers to Cannabidiol (CBD), how it is derived, how it differs from THC and other cannabinoids, the risks and harms of CBD use, and common misconceptions given its broad availability.

Publication ID: PEP22-06-02-003

This guide highlights strategies for behavioral health and housing providers to conduct outreach and engage with individuals experiencing homelessness, initiate use of behavioral health treatment as they wait to receive stable housing and retain them in their recovery efforts once housed.

Publication ID: PEP22-06-01-005

Community engagement is often cited as a tool to improve the health of the community and its members. This guide will review evidence related to leveraging community engagement to support the implementation and scale-up of evidence-based programs and policies.

Publication ID: PEP22-01-03-001

A series of 10 technical assistance collaborative papers providing important resources for state leaders, policy makers, providers, peers and others to learn from examples around the country and hear from thought leaders about innovative services and the need for further 988 implementation. Produced by SAMHSA in conjunction with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors.

Publication ID: PEP22-06-01-006

Alcohol misuse is focused on binge and heavy drinking patterns within a community or at the population level. This guide will serve as a compendium of key policies for the prevention of alcohol misuse that have been identified as evidence-based by robust scientific literature.

Publication ID: PEP22-03-10-004A

This data visualization illustrates the steady decline of alcohol use amongst adolescents, informing parents/guardians and communities that taking action against underage drinking is effective.

Displaying 61 - 70 out of 106