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Publication ID: PEP23-03-00-001
SAMHSA’s updated Overdose Prevention and Response Toolkit provides guidance to a wide range of individuals on preventing and responding to an overdose. The toolkit also emphasizes that harm reduction and access to treatment are essential aspects of overdose prevention.
Publication ID: PEP23-07-03-002

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN): Drug-Related ED Visits Involving Suicide Attempts Short Report presents national estimates and characteristics of drug-related ED visits involving suicide attempts and the top substance involved in suicide attempts.

Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-012

This bumper sticker is intended for partner and public use to promote public awareness of the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-013
Esta calcomanía en español para automóviles está dirigida a los colaboradores y al público para dar a conocer y promover la 988 Línea de Prevención del Suicido y Crisis.
Publication ID: PEP23-06-01-010

This guide provides practical, evidence-based information that first responder agencies, their partners, and communities can use to implement or expand practices and programs for linking people to substance use services.

Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-007
Las tarjetas de alerta de suicidio en jóvenes son volantes de 5"x7", diseñados para educar acerca de las señales de alerta en jóvenes y la 988.
Publication ID: PEP23-08-03-010
El letrero de jardín mide 18” x 24”. Tiene como objetivo promocionar el 988 en las comunidades.
Publication ID: PEP22-08-03-010
Esta tarjeta de bolsillo de 2 caras de 3,5 "x2" ayuda a publicitar el nuevo Línea de Prevención del Suicido y Crisis.
Publication ID: PEP22-08-03-005

This 18x24 inch poster helps publicize the new 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline and provides access to this life-saving resource. This poster is designed to be placed in community centers, counseling offices, clinics, and other settings where people gather.

Publication ID: PEP22-08-03-003

This cellphone-shaped magnet (size 3.25"x6") helps publicize the new 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline phone number and provides access to this life-saving resource in places that are highly visible.

Displaying 1 - 10 out of 31