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Publication ID: KEN01-0093PUNJABI

Punjabi version of KEN01-0093, prompted by a violent incident at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in August 2012. Helps parents and teachers recognize and address problems in children and teens affected by the trauma after an act of violence. Describes signs of stress reactions that are common in young trauma survivors at different ages, and offers tips on how to help.

Publication ID: PEP12-DDHCARD

This wallet-size card includes the national Disaster Distress Helpline and lists warning signs of distress. It encourages those experiencing signs of psychological stress to call or text the helpline for support.

Publication ID: PEP12-DDHBRO

This brochure features the national Disaster Distress Helpline, which supports people who are coping with the after effects of a disaster. Learn about a disasters’ potential to cause psychological stress, warning signs of distress, and tips for coping.

Publication ID: PEP12-RECDEF

This brochure provides a working definition and 10 guiding principles for recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders.

Publication ID: SMA08-4321

This activity book encourages parents and caregivers to spend at least 15 minutes a day listening to and talking with their child or children to prevent youth violence. It provides interactive questions to start conversations with children about bullying and bullying prevention.

Displaying 201 - 205 out of 205