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Publication ID: PEP12-CMHI0608

This report presents program evaluation findings of a federally funded initiative that supports systems of care for community-based mental health services for children, youth, and their families. It includes data from fiscal years 2006 to 2008 that track characteristics, use, and outcomes.

Publication ID: SMA09-4371

This report gives an overview of shared decision-making (SDM), an intervention that enables people to actively manage their own health. It examines research on the effects of SDM in general and mental health care, and includes recommendations for advancing SDM in practice.

Publication ID: SMA15-4442SPANISH

Esta hoja de hechos ofrece informacion a los pacientes sobre la buprenorfina y los tratamientos con ayuda de medicamentos para tratar el trastorno por uso de opioides, y tambien describe el mal uso y los sintomas del sindrome de abstinencia. Explica como funciona la buprenorfina, su uso apropiado, sus efectos secundarios y como se la utiliza en conjunto con al consejeria en el proceso de recuperacion.

Publication ID: SMA10-4557

This manual offers guidance on creating a substance use specialist program in child welfare offices or dependency courts. It includes case studies that showcase the programmatic and collaborative structure of substance use specialist programs.

Publication ID: SMA07-4298

This report analyzes national costs of substance use and cost savings that could be gained if effective prevention policies were implemented nationwide. It lists programs and policies that are most cost-beneficial.

Publication ID: SMA08-4324

This white paper report identifies and proposes strategies to address Medicaid and other reimbursement policies that may pose barriers to mental health services in primary care settings. It presents findings, discussion by an expert panel, and recommended action steps.

Publication ID: SVP07-0186

This report reviews children's mental health programs that enhance parenting skills and child resilience. It addresses costs and benefits, opportunities to reach parents and caregivers with evidence-based practices, and provides recommendations for future prevention efforts.

Displaying 101 - 107 out of 107