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Publication ID: PEP20-03-01-029

A flyer-sized print public service announcement encouraging educators to talk with their students about alcohol and other substances.

Publication ID: PEP21-03-00-001

Alcohol remains the number one substance used by young people. These 24 legal policy summaries allow you to track how your state regulates underage drinking as compared to other states in order to help inform your prevention work.

Publication ID: SMA13-4755PARTNERKIT

Provides parents of children ages 9 to 15 with the tools and information they need to start talking with their children early about the dangers of alcohol. Includes a suite of materials that helps reinforce the underage drinking prevention campaign's messages.

Publication ID: SMA15-4782ENG

This comic book raises awareness about the dangers people face when living with a substance use disorder. It contains graphic photos and depictions of a traumatic event that may not be suitable for children.

Publication ID: SMA12-4170

Motivación Para El Cambio

Provee una dramatización de los problemas de un hombre con el abuso del alcohol, manejo embriagado, negación y recuperación. Presentada en forma de fotonovela con fotos y diálogo. Contiene una guía de recursos para el tratamiento del abuso de sustancias, consejería y grupos de autoayuda.

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