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Publication ID: NSDUH14-0904

This report provides 2013 estimates on the prevalence of substance use disorder and mental illness in the United States. It also reports on the need for and barriers to substance use treatment, mental health care, and co-occurring substance use disorders and mental illness.

Publication ID: SMA13-4796

This report presents a set of substance use and mental health indicators from population and treatment facility-based data sets. It provides point-in-time and trend data reflecting the status and progress of improving key behavioral health indicators.

Publication ID: SMA13-4792

This quick guide summarizes guidelines for clinicians treating chronic pain in adults living with a history of substance misuse. It covers patient assessment, chronic pain management, managing addiction risk in patients treated with opioids, and patient education.

Publication ID: SMA13-4765SPAN

Proporciona herramientas para ayudar a organizar un día para el diálogo comunitario acerca de la salud mental. Habla sobre la logística de encontrar un lugar, formar una red de socios; reclutar participantes y facilitadores, organizar la reunión e identificar las medidas de seguimiento. Nota: Habrá copias impresas de este documento disponibles en el futuro cercano.

Publication ID: SMA13-4764SPAN

Encamina a los participantes y a los facilitadores a lo largo de un día de diálogo comunitario acerca de la salud mental como camino para promover la recuperación y fomentar las comunidades saludables. Incluye preguntas de discusión, cómo se perciben a las enfermedades mentales, consejos para los facilitadores e identificación de medidas de seguimiento. Nota: Habrá copias impresas de este documento disponibles en el futuro cercano.

Publication ID: SMA13-4795

This NSDUH report presents results of a survey of illicit substance, alcohol, and tobacco use among people 12 years of age and older. It Includes national estimates of the rates of use, trends, numbers of users, and other measures, such as youth-related prevention measures.

Publication ID: SYNAR-13

This report presents findings on compliance with the Synar Amendment aimed at decreasing youth access to tobacco. It reviews progress in enforcing state youth tobacco access laws and reducing the percentage of retailers selling tobacco products to minors.

Publication ID: SMA13-4756

This report highlights programs that promote recovery and build resilience among older adolescents and young adults living with serious mental illness. It describes initiatives that address employment, housing, education, social connectedness, and emotional well-being.

Publication ID: SMA13-4763SPAN

Proporciona a las comunidades, incluyendo a los consumidores y facilitadores, con datos relativos a la salud mental como, por ejemplo, la prevención e identificación temprana de las enfermedades mentales, el acceso a tratamiento, las respuestas a las crisis, y los apoyos para la recuperación.

Publication ID: SMA13-4763

This brief provides data and information about mental health to inspire conversations that break down negative public perceptions, and promote recovery and healthy communities. It discusses how communities can improve access to treatment, crisis response, and recovery support.

Displaying 201 - 210 out of 222