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Publication ID: SMA14-4871

This fact sheet offers tips supervisors can use to help ease the transition and manage stress for disaster response workers returning to work. It helps people recognize and reduce potential difficulties in the workplace, and enhances positive consequences for all staff.

Publication ID: SMA14-4871SPANISH

Ofrece consejos a los supervisores para ayudarles a facilitar la transición y manejar el estrés de los socorristas cuando ellos se reincorporan al trabajo. Incluye consejos sobre cómo reconocer y reducir los posibles problemas en el lugar de trabajo y crear consecuencias positivas para todo el personal.

Publication ID: PEP12-NSSPOVER

This report presents an overview of a national strategy designed to guide suicide prevention activities over the next decade. It describes the need for a national suicide prevention strategy, its overall goals, and objectives based on four strategic directions.

Publication ID: PEP12-NSSPROLE

This fact sheet offers strategies for suicide prevention. It provides facts about suicide, including its prevalence and at-risk populations. This resource also lists warning signs of suicidal behavior, and describes how to help someone who is at risk for suicide.

Publication ID: PEP12-NSSPGOALS

This report outlines a national strategy to guide actions for suicide prevention. It highlights objectives and goals across four strategic directions: wellness and empowerment, prevention services, treatment and support services, and surveillance.

Publication ID: SMA12-4670

This guide highlights behavioral health challenges facing veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. It presents challenges related to substance misuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and suicide. The guide also discusses screening tools and intervention.

Publication ID: SMA12-4688

This manual offers guidelines for medication-assisted treatment for people, particularly veterans, living with post-traumatic stress disorder and co-occurring opioid use disorders. It covers screening, concomitant treatment, pharmacotherapy, and multiple misused substances.