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Publication ID: PEP20-02-02-013

This Advisory is based on TIP 27, Comprehensive Case Management for Substance Abuse Treatment. It surveys the underlying principles and models of case management, discusses reasons substance use disorder (SUD) treatment providers might consider implementing or expanding the use of case management, and lists some case management-related resources and tools.

Publication ID: PEP20-03-02-001

The EAP Prescription Drug Toolkit and Fact Sheets provide guidance related to counseling, referrals, and follow-up services (e.g., alternatives to prescription drugs, workplace drug misuse and relapse prevention, dangers of combined drug use, screenings, and evaluations before returning to work).

Publication ID: PEP20-06-04-004

This Advisory is based on TIP 53, Addressing Viral Hepatitis in People with Substance Use Disorders. It offers guidance to providers and administrators in substance use disorder treatment programs on screening for, and treating clients with, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C infections.

Publication ID: PEP20-06-03-001

This guide reviews interventions for people living with substance use and mental disorders who are at risk for or living with HIV. Selected interventions are in alignment with goals of the federal “Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America” (EHE) initiative.

Publication ID: PEP19-PL-Guide-3

This guide supports health care providers, systems, and communities to address first-episode psychosis and co-occurring substance use disorders. It describes relevant research, examines emerging and best practices, identifies knowledge gaps and implementation challenges, and offers resources.

Publication ID: SMA16-4977

This advisory discusses the interaction between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and substance use disorder. It provides clinicians with an overview of screening and evidence-based treatments for OCD.

Publication ID: SMA16-4999

The report highlights the need for HIV treatment providers to address behavioral health concerns with HIV. The report urges providers to start with screening for mental health and substance use disorders, and offers strategies for providers to implement screening practices.

Publication ID: SMA16-4960

This advisory gives an introduction to bipolar disorder and co-occurring substance use disorder. It discusses types of bipolar disorders along with the challenges in screening and treatments.

Publication ID: SMA16-4973

This resource provides information for clinicians who may encounter patients living with cognitive deficits related to chronic substance use disorder.

Publication ID: SMA15-4929

This report examines the opportunities and challenges associated with municipal court diversion for people living with mental illness and substance use disorder conditions. It outlines elements for effective diversion, recovery-based engagement strategies, and proportional response.

Displaying 31 - 40 out of 43