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Publication ID: PEP23-01-01-002

This guide provides staff with knowledge and strategies to best support diverse rural communities. It considers risk factors, strengths, and common disaster reactions unique to rural communities to support best practices for ensuring disaster resilience and recovery.

Publication ID: PEP21-01-01-001

This wallet-size card includes the national Disaster Distress Helpline and lists warning signs of distress. It encourages those experiencing signs of psychological stress to call or text the helpline for support.

Publication ID: PEP21-01-01-002

This brochure features the national Disaster Distress Helpline, which supports people who are coping with the after effects of a disaster. Learn about a disasters’ potential to cause psychological stress, warning signs of distress, and tips for coping.

Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-025
Re-traumatization is when stress reactions experienced as a result of a previous traumatic event are relived when faced with a new similar incident. However, as time passes, many people do not realize that the stress they are feeling is related to the previous traumatic experience.
Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-026
This tip sheet describes some of the common reactions to pandemics and other disasters and suggests ways to deal with them. It also covers financial stress, signs to seek professional mental health help, and lists sources of help and support.
Publication ID: PEP21-02-01-001

This Technical Assistance Publication (TAP), updated in 2021, provides guidance for behavioral health service and substance use disorder treatment programs wanting to develop or update a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible disaster plan. It addresses planning needs specific to programs that offer prevention services, outpatient or residential treatment, medically supervised withdrawal, and pharmacotherapy.

Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-023

Disaster survivors are not always aware of behaviors in themselves or others that are associated with adverse reactions to a disaster. This poster assists adult disaster survivors with identifying possible reactions and provides resources to turn to for help.

Los sobrevivientes de acontecimientos catastróficos no siempre están conscientes de los comportamientos, sea en sí mismos o en otras personas, que están relacionados con reacciones adversas a estas experiencias. Este póster ayuda a los adultos que han sobrevivido un acontecimiento catastrófico a ide.

Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-016

This tip sheet explores stress and compassion fatigue, as well as signs of distress after a disaster. It identifies ways to cope and enhance resilience, along with resources for more information and support.

Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-014

This flyer highlights key Psychological First Aid concepts and resources disaster responders and outreach workers may use when assisting individuals affected by the pandemic. It also provides resources for further assistance.

Publication ID: PEP20-01-01-015

This flyer provides information and tips for coping during a pandemic as well as resources for additional assistance.

Displaying 1 - 10 out of 48