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Publication ID: SMA12-4170

Provee una dramatización de los problemas de un hombre con el abuso del alcohol, manejo embriagado, negación y recuperación. Presentada en forma de fotonovela con fotos y diálogo. Contiene una guía de recursos para el tratamiento del abuso de sustancias, consejería y grupos de autoayuda.

Publication ID: SMA12-4668

This manual offers guidance to clinicians on implementing drug testing in their practice. It presents the mechanics of testing and outlines steps for preparing staff.

Publication ID: SMA12-4689

This manual offers general principles to assist in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of pharmacologic approaches to support the recovery of people living with co-occurring disorders. It covers engagement, screening, assessment, treatment planning, and continuity of care.

Publication ID: SMA12-4175

This advisory answers questions about the seriousness of prescription drug misuse. It explains how people become dependent on prescription drugs, and treatment options. The advisory also offers necessary treatment resources for professionals.

Publication ID: SMA12-4688

This manual offers guidelines for medication-assisted treatment for people, particularly veterans, living with post-traumatic stress disorder and co-occurring opioid use disorders. It covers screening, concomitant treatment, pharmacotherapy, and multiple misused substances.

Publication ID: SMA12-4700

This manual offers guidance and tools for identifying mental illness or substance use issues early in children and adolescents in various setting, such as in schools, the juvenile justice and child welfare system, and when receiving primary care.

Publication ID: PEP12-CMHI0608SUM

This executive summary reports program evaluation findings of a federally funded initiative that supports systems of care for community-based mental health services for children, youth, and their families. It includes data from fiscal years 2006 to 2008 that track characteristics, use, and outcomes.

Publication ID: SMA12-4684

This kit equips prevention professionals, health care providers, and educators with information on health issues among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. It includes an overview of terms related to gender identity and sexual expression.

Publication ID: PEP12-EVALPAIMI

This report summarizes a program evaluation of a federally funded, state-based system to protect patient rights of those with significant mental health issues. It reviews the program goals, presents significant findings, and discusses their impact on outcomes for patients.

Publication ID: SMA12-4133

Contiene una guía de recursos e información para mujeres en tratamiento para el abuso de sustancias que han sido víctimas de abuso infantil. Contiene definiciones y retos potenciales de la recuperación. Incluye consejos para encontrar un terapeuta y prevenir una recaída.

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