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Publication ID: PEP20-02-01-009

This updated workbook is a companion piece to the Anger Management Manual; it summarizes the information presented in each session of the 12-week program and provides worksheets for completing exercises.

Publication ID: PEP20-02-01-010

This updated manual contains a 12-week cognitive–behavioral anger management group treatment model. The content includes specific instructions and suggested remarks for group leaders, and exercises for group members. This model will work in a variety of clinical settings, and with diverse audiences.

Publication ID: SMA15-4910KOR

This Korean-language brochure gives patients information on buprenorphine and medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. It describes addiction and withdrawal, how buprenorphine works, its proper use, its side effects, and how it fits with counseling in the recovery process.

Publication ID: SMA14-4865

This Korean-language brochure describes the stages of recovery from people living with substance use disorders and what to expect after leaving detoxification services. It offers guidance on adjusting to sobriety and long-term recovery. The brochure also discusses legal issues and lists resources.