Mobile Apps

SAMHSA’s free mobile apps offer easy access to treatment and prevention tools for opioid use disorder, suicide, bullying, disaster response, and underage drinking. Learn how you can help spread the word about SAMHSA’s mobile apps.

  • MATx


    MATx is a free mobile app that empowers health care practitioners to provide effective, evidence-based care for opioid use disorder.

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  • Suicide Safe

    Suicide Safe

    Suicide Safe is a free mobile app that helps primary and behavioral health care providers integrate suicide prevention strategies, and offers tips on assisting patients who are suicidal.

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  • KnowBullying


    KnowBullying is a free mobile app that puts the power to prevent bullying in your hands. Find simple conversation starters to prevent bullying and help your child build resilience.

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  • SAMHSA Disaster App

    SAMHSA Disaster App

    The SAMHSA Disaster App helps first responders focus on what really matters, people in need. This free mobile app offers immediate access to resources for any type of traumatic event at every phase of response.

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  • Talk. They Hear You.

    Talk. They Hear You.

    “Talk. They Hear You.” is a free mobile app that prepares parents and caregivers to have important conversations with their children and teens about the dangers of underage drinking.

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  • AlcoholFX


    AlcoholFX is a free mobile app that helps increase students’ knowledge of alcohol’s negative consequences before they reach the average age of first use. This app is only available on tablets.

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