Talk. They Hear You.

Talk. They Hear You.

“Talk. They Hear You.” is a free mobile app that prepares parents and caregivers to have important conversations with their children and teens about the dangers of underage drinking.

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“Talk. They Hear You.” is a free mobile app that helps you prepare for one of the most important conversations you may ever have with your children about underage drinking. The app provides parents and caregivers of children and teens ages 9 to 15 with the tools and information they need to start talking with their children early about the dangers of alcohol. It includes a suite of materials that helps reinforce the underage drinking prevention campaign's messages.

App Features

With “Talk. They hear You.”, parents and caregivers can:

  • Practice bringing up the topic of alcohol using avatars in an interactive simulation
  • Learn the questions to ask
  • Get ideas for keeping the conversation going

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Learn more about the “Talk. They Hear You.” mobile app. Also, download the AlcoholFX app available only on tablets that teaches students ages 10 to 12 about the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain.

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Last Updated: 10/01/2019