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Facilitating Cross-System Collaboration: A Primer on Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts

Facilitating Cross-System Collaboration: A Primer on Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts

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This guide reviews child welfare, substance use disorder services, and courts to support cross-system coordination within state, county, and tribal jurisdictions. It considers the framework, population, legislation, funding sources, and services for each system.

Pub id: SMA13-4735
Publication Date: 1/2013
Popularity: Not ranked
Format: Guidelines or Manual
Audience: Legal Community, Professional Care Providers, Program Planners, Administrators, & Project Managers
Population Group: American Indian & Alaska Native as Population Group, At-Risk, Children of Parents with Alcohol Use or Abuse Problems, Children of Parents with Mental Illness, Children of Parents with Substance Use or Abuse Problems, Foster Care Children, People in the Juvenile Justice System

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01/30/2013 9:48 PM

A Family Member/Friend of Someone Needing Help said:

Would be interested in a program that allows monitoring of another parent for substance abuse for 90 days when they are in another state. If the custodial parent wanted to send the children to the other state where the non-custodial parent was living but had concerns to whether or not that parent was still using illegal substances this would show proof that the non custodial parent was seeking help and give peace of mind to the custodial parent.