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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline magnet

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline magnet

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This magnet features the number and web address for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in easy-to-read bold letters.

Pub id: SVP05-0125
Publication Date: 1/2005
Popularity: 6
Format: Promotional Item

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Customer Comments

Comment by:

01/10/2013 4:27 PM

A professional from a Nonprofit/Community-based Organization/Coalition said:

We have used these publications for years and find them helpful when going to health fairs and other health care related events

Comment by:

02/26/2013 1:07 PM

A professional from a Behavioral Health Treatment Facility said:

These are excellence resources

Comment by:

08/12/2013 4:19 PM

A professional from a School/University said:

Excellent resource for our clients!

Comment by:

11/07/2014 7:17 PM

A Family Member/Friend of Someone Needing Help said:

NEEDED IT A MONTH AGO! A FRIEND OF MY HUSBANDS COMMITTED SUICIDE ON HIS BIRTHDAY! WE KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG BUT WE NEVER MADE IT BACK OVER THERE. [Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your situation. SAMHSA's National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255 provides access to trained telephone counselors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also have a website at The American Association of Suicidology also provides helpful resources. You may go to its website at for additional information.]

Comment by:

04/06/2015 1:31 PM

A professional from a Behavioral Health Treatment Facility said:

Love the magnet and would love to order 50 rather than 10 as our clients take them often. [Portions of this comment containing customer service inquiries have been redacted. Customers with questions about inventory availability, specific orders, or website technical questions are encouraged to visit our SAMHSA Store Help page at]

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