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Leading Change: A Plan for SAMHSA's Roles and Actions 2011-2014

Leading Change: A Plan for SAMHSA's Roles and Actions 2011-2014

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This report introduces SAMHSA’s eight strategic initiatives to help people living with mental illness, substance use disorders, or both and their families build strong communities. It also discusses the prevention of behavioral health conditions and the promotion of better health for all Americans.

Pub id: SMA11-4629
Publication Date: 3/2011
Popularity: Not ranked
Format: Report
Audience: Policymakers
Population Group: Military & Veterans as Population Group, Trauma Survivors as Population Group

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Customer Comments

Comment by:

01/12/2012 3:08 PM

Anonymous customer said:

This living document is an extraordinary attempt to incorporate a thorough assessment of national needs and steps to plan and alter the course of our current thinking towards persons with behavioral health disorders and the systems that treat them. Since this plan is a work in progress, I hope you will consider adding a section on the impact of substance use on pregnancy and the long term course of action as outlined for other populations. In addition, I'd like to see more involvement with the medical community who are divorced from how to engage and treat persons with behavioral health disorders. Since they are the system of care patients enter when facing a behavioral health crisis, these first responders should be provided with state of the art training and support. Thank you.

Comment by:

08/29/2012 8:56 PM

A professional from a Individual/Group Practice said:

Interesting new information about changes in the next 2 years.

Comment by:

11/30/2012 3:40 PM

A professional from a Other said:

Well the publication is telling people with a criminal record is that there is no place for them in society, because of the way in which the system is. My question is does most of these people went to prison with mental problems or develop mental problem while they were or in the system? What they need is dedicated professional to work with these people and do not treat them as if they do not have feelings.

Comment by:

12/26/2012 3:06 PM

A professional from a Nonprofit/Community-based Organization/Coalition said:

I have studied Mental health extensively through the years and there is one thing that I know complete segregation of the mentally ill is not humane nor is it a cure for mental illness, Only in extreme circumstances is it proper to segregate a person because of mental illness. It did not work in the 18th century nor will it work now. It has been proven over the years that the mentally ill seldom do anything to hurt anyone other than there selves. I feel as if a day shelter type organizations work much better and that is what I hope to someday have. And I also want to do the type things that make them want to show up everyday and not be made to show up. There is a place in Scotland that has a wonderful program and they consider there clients as partners rather than patients and they provide the needed information on services and they provide art work and painting classes that seem to keep all of them coming back. That is what I wish to model my day shelter after if I am ever allowed a grant to do so. This is what I want more than anything. I am 56 and I would be happy to spend the rest of my life doing just this. I also have many ideas for walking homeless to.