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Supporting Infants, Toddlers and Families Impacted by Caregiver Mental Health Problems, Substance Abuse, and Trauma

Supporting Infants, Toddlers and Families Impacted by Caregiver Mental Health Problems, Substance Abuse, and Trauma

A Community Action Guide

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Using a case study approach, this manual presents resources to better understand and engage the community in responding to children whose caregivers are negatively impacted by mental illness, substance use, or trauma.

Pub id: SMA12-4726
Publication Date: 10/2012
Popularity: Not ranked
Format: Guidelines or Manual
Audience: Child Care Providers, Community Coalitions, Program Planners, Administrators, & Project Managers, Professional Care Providers, Educators
Population Group: Children of Parents with Alcohol Use or Abuse Problems, Children of Parents with Mental Illness, Children of Parents with Substance Use or Abuse Problems, Foster Care Children, Trauma Survivors as Population Group

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Customer Comments

Comment by:

11/01/2012 6:40 PM

A professional from a Behavioral Health Treatment Facility said:

Finally! A publication that emphasizes child development AND compassion for parents under stress. But REALLY, SAMHSA, did you have to mention methadone ONLY in the context of abuse, at the end?????? How about the comprehensive care mothers and parents get when opioid addiction is well treated in a good methadone program? We need your help in re-inforcing the value of methaodne treatment (with MANDATED comprehensive care- unlike Suboxone in Doctor's office) to communiy organizations that could make appropriate referrals or ask us for the help and education we would like to provide. They need to hear it from YOU!

Comment by:

11/08/2012 12:01 PM

A professional from a Nonprofit/Community-based Organization/Coalition said:

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it strange that the appendix on screening tools does not include anything for infants and toddlers?

Comment by:

01/12/2013 6:10 PM

A professional from a Nonprofit/Community-based Organization/Coalition said:

I think this publication is going to become a handbook for many professionals and community groups that work with stressed populations. . .Uses current brain research but in a very readable way. And the emphasis on parents as human beings with their own struggles--instead of the scapegoating way parents are often treated in these types of publications--is fantastic.

Comment by:

01/12/2013 6:13 PM

A professional from a School/University said:

I teach in an MSW program, and will definitely assign this to my students. Thanks SAMHSA

Comment by:

08/20/2013 11:55 AM

A professional from a Nonprofit/Community-based Organization/Coalition said:

This guide makes complex issues on brain development and trauma easy to understand and gives useful tools for all sorts of agencies and groups. I wish SAMHSA had used a better design, tho. The photos look about 30 years old--they just don't go with the freshness of the text.