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Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations

Information & Resource Kit

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This kit equips prevention professionals, health care providers, and educators with information on health issues among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. It includes an overview of terms related to gender identity and sexual expression.

Pub id: SMA12-4684
Publication Date: 3/2012
Popularity: Not ranked
Format: Kit
Audience: Educators, Professional Care Providers
Population Group: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender

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Customer Comments

Comment by:

03/28/2012 3:48 PM

Anonymous customer said:

Thank you for this well researched, (gayly)-straight- forward, wonderful information and resource kit. I'm an MA, licensed therapist. My partner and I have been together 22 years. Our kids and grandkids adore us and we adore them! I wish this had been available 22 years ago. Our country and our world has had a lot of growing up to do to make this most welcomed and good-for-everyone change.

Comment by:

03/29/2012 8:10 PM

Anonymous customer said:

Looks like a great resource from what I've read (I looked at the ppt). One of the best and clearest descriptions and definitions of terminology related to the transgender population that I've seen. Very proud that this is coming from the federal government. I wish three things: 1. that individual citations for data and a references slide could be included in the PowerPoint (I see that references are included in the comment area, but a slide would be good too). 2. That the risk of HPV-related ORAL cancer for gay men/MSM were mentioned or discussed. The emphasis on anal cancer is great but oral cancer is a growing concern related to HPV. 3. The transmission information on the Hepatitis slide I think is misleading. To my knowledge, HCV is rarely sexually transmitted. Great work and thanks for the resource.

Comment by:

09/05/2012 11:31 PM

A professional from a Other said:

These behavioral risks should be more widely published, especially to young people.