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Publication ID: PEP21-06-02-002

This guide intends to educate clinicians and other stakeholders about the harms of using more than one substance and consideration for addressing concurrent substance use (CSU) and concurrent substance use disorders (CSUD).

Publication ID: PEP21-03-10-009

This user guide provides a digestible overview of the Report to Congress for prevention professionals, state and local agencies, and community-based organizations.

Publication ID: PEP21-06-02-001

This guide reviews ways that telehealth modalities can be used to provide treatment for serious mental illness and substance use disorders among adults, distills the research into recommendations for practice, and provides examples of how these recommendations can be implemented.

Publication ID: PEP20-03-09-001

This guide provides mental health decision-makers (e.g., state/local mental health directors, treatment facility clinical directors, and other stakeholders) with rationale and evidence to support wide-spread expansion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp) across mental health systems.

Publication ID: PEP21-07-01-004

This report provides an update on a series of topics focusing on substance use and mental health (collectively referred to as behavioral health) in the United States. SAMHSA selected specific topics and indicators in this report to represent a cross-section of the key behavioral health indicators that are assessed in SAMHSA data collections, including NSDUH. This report is intended to provide a concise, reader-friendly summary of key behavioral health measures for lay and professional audiences.

Publication ID: PEP21-07-01-001

This chartbook uses combined 2015 to 2019 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) to present nationally representative estimates of substance use, substance use disorders, and substance use treatment utilization among people aged 12 or older within different racial/ethnic groups in the United States. The percentages are annual averages.

Publication ID: PEP21-07-01-003

Read key findings from the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) on substance use, mental health, and treatment by age group. Metrics in the report cover the civilian, noninstitutionalized US population ages 12 and older. Unlike other NSDUH Annual National Reports, the 2020 report has no comparisons to the previous year, because changes in survey methodology mean the indicators are not comparable to past NSDUH estimates.

Publication ID: PEP20-07-02-001

The National report presents indicators as measured through the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health and the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services. State reports provide a snapshot of substance use and mental health in the United States.

Publication ID: PEP20-07-01-001

This report summarizes key findings from the 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) for national indicators of substance use and mental health among people aged 12 years old or older in the civilian, noninstitutionalized population of the United States.

Publication ID: PEP20-06-01-001

This guide supports health care providers, systems, and communities seeking to treat stimulant use disorders. It describes relevant research findings, examines best practices, identifies knowledge gaps and implementation challenges, and offers useful resources.

Displaying 21 - 30 out of 107