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Publication ID: APP-TTHY
SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign mobile app helps parents and caregivers prepare for some of the most important conversations they may ever have with their kids. It shows them how to turn everyday situations into opportunities to talk with their children about alcohol and other drugs, and equips them with the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge to start and continue these conversations as their kids get older.
Publication ID: PEP15-SAFEAPP1

For individuals at risk of suicide, primary and behavioral health care settings provide unique opportunities to connect with the health care system and access effective treatment. Suicide Safe is a free mobile app that helps providers integrate suicide prevention strategies into their practice and address suicide risk among their patients. The Suicide Safe app is based on SAMHSA's Suicide Assessment Five-Step Evaluation and Triage (SAFE-T) card.

App Features

With Suicide Safe, primary and behavioral health care providers can:

  • Learn how to use the SAFE-T approach when working with patients.
  • Explore interactive sample case studies and see SAFE-T in action through case scenarios and tips.
  • Quickly access and share information, including crisis lines, fact sheets, educational opportunities, and treatment resources.
  • Browse conversation starters that provide sample language and tips for talking with patients who may need suicide intervention.
  • Locate treatment options, filter by type and distance, and share locations and resources to provide timely referrals for patients.

For more information, email SAMHSA at samhsainfo@samhsa.hhs.gov.

Publication ID: PEP13-DKAPP-1

In a disaster, it's essential that behavioral health responders have the resources they need—when and where they need them. The free SAMHSA Disaster App offers first responders immediate access for any type of traumatic event at every phase of response, including pre-deployment preparation, on-the-ground assistance and post-deployment resources.

App Features

With the SAMHSA Disaster App, first responders can:

  • Access resources including tip sheets; guides for responders, teachers, parents, and caregivers; and a directory of behavioral health service providers in the impacted area.
  • Download information on your phone before deployment in case of limited Internet connectivity in the field.
  • Review key preparedness materials to help you provide the best support possible.
  • Send information to colleagues and survivors via text message, email, or transfer to a computer for printing.
  • Find interventions to help survivors of infectious disease epidemics.

Find SAMHSA’s disaster response information as a publication. Download the SAMHSA Disaster Kit.

For more information, email SAMHSA at samhsainfo@samhsa.hhs.gov