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Publication ID: SMA12-4676B1

This brochure gives practical advice to parents talking with teens about the dangers of prescription drug misuse, highlighting symptoms and risks.

Publication ID: SMA12-4151

This manual provides guidelines for administrators on addressing issues in outpatient treatment for alcohol and substance misuse. It discusses cultural competence, management and strategic collaborations, human resources, financing, and performance and outcomes improvement.

Publication ID: SMA12-4677B2

Not worth the risk. Even if it's legal. 

This brochure describes for teens the dangers of misusing prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. It lists warning signs of prescription drug misuse, and offers advice on receiving help.

Publication ID: SMA12-3581

This manual guides clinicians through stages of primary care for alcohol and substance misuse in adult patients. It discusses warning signs of misuse, screening and follow-up, brief intervention, assessment, treatment models, and legal issues. It includes four screening tools.

Publication ID: SMA12-4097

This manual presents guidelines for enhancing motivation among patients in treatment for alcohol and substance misuse. It describes several motivational approaches, ways to integrate these approaches, and two assessment tools.

Publication ID: SMA12-4725

This NSDUH report presents national estimates on the prevalence of mental illness and the use mental health services among people ages 12 and older. The report includes data on co-occurring mental illness with substance use.

Publication ID: SMA12-4216

This manual offers practice guidelines and recommendations for integrating employment services into substance use disorder treatment. It also provides information about funding, policy, and legal issues.

Publication ID: SMA11-4664

This manual is designed as a seven-module training guide for group therapy in substance use disorder treatment. The modules assist counselors and other clinical staff in understanding and implementing evidence-based practices as described in TIP 41. Access training modules with trainers’ notes, talking points, and slides.

Publication ID: SMA12-4724

This report presents the key principles and core expectations of the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroups. The workgroups are designed to use data to inform and enhance state and community decisions regarding substance use and mental illness prevention programs.

Publication ID: SMA12-4726

Using a case study approach, this manual presents resources to better understand and engage the community in responding to children whose caregivers are negatively impacted by mental illness, substance use, or trauma.

Displaying 731 - 740 out of 818